Method Development 

Alongside using techniques already published, we also develop new methods to answer biologically-relevant questions. Some of the advances we have made include a new super-resolution technique to study proteins in live cells, a hyperspectral fluorescence lifetime microscope, and microfluidic technology for fluid handling. We've also worked with other researchers to test a series of new organic fluorophores for single-molecule imaging. 

Team members

Dylan George

Beccy Saleeb

Zuzanna Konieczna

Selected Recent Publications

LIVE-PAINT allows super-resolution microscopy inside living cells using reversible peptide-protein interactions

Oi, C., Gidden, Z., Holyoake, L., Kantelberg, O., Mochrie, S., Horrocks, M.H.*, Regan, L.*

Communications Biology, 3, 2020.

ASYN-CONA, a novel bead-based assay for detecting early stage alpha-synuclein aggregation.

Pérez-Pi, I., Evans, D.A., Horrocks, M.H., Pham, N.A., Dolt, K.S., Koszela, J., Kunath, T., Auer, M.

Analytical Chemistry, 91, 9, 5582-5590, 2019.

SCOTfluors: Small, Conjugatable, Orthogonal and Tunable Fluorophores for in vivo Imaging of Cell Metabolism

Benson, S., Fernandez, A., Barth, N., de Moliner, F., Horrocks, M.H., Herrington, S., Abad, J.L., Delgado, A., Kelly, L., Chang, Z., Feng, Y., Nishiura, M., Hori, Y., Kikuchi, K., Vendrell, M.

Angewandte Chemie, 58,6911–6915, 2019.