The molecular structure of the brain is important in allowing us to retain and access memories. In the Edinburgh Single-Molecule Biophysics group, we are interested in applying single-molecule and super-resolution microscopy techniques to characterise the structure of the brain at the nanometre length scale. In collaboration with Professor Seth Grant, we have been looking at the post-synaptic scaffolding protein PSD-95, determining how its structure varies across the different regions of the brain, and how it changes through time. Through looking at brain homogenate, we have been able to look at single complexes containing PSD-95 and can see how the partners within these exchange through time.

Team members

Takeshi Kaizuka

Candace Adams

Beccy Saleeb

Ji-Eun Lee

Selected Recent Publications

PSD95 nanoclusters are postsynaptic building blocks in hippocampus circuits.

Broadhead M.J., Horrocks M.H., Zhu F., Muresan L., Benavides-Piccione R., DeFelipe J., Fricker D., Kopanitsa M.V., Duncan R.R., Klenerman D., Komiyama N.H., Lee S.F., Grant S.G.N.

Scientific Reports, 6, 2016.